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Stanford Stanford WebCamp 2021 All Things Web - By community, for community

For Participants

Welcome Participants!

Here’s how we’re adapting our conference to a solely virtual presence using Zoom.

Using Zoom

As a participant, you have control over how your screen displays.

  • Use Gallery view to see all the participants in a session
  • Use Speaker View to see just the current speaker.
  • When someone shares their screen, the shared screen will fill your screen. If you still want to see the speaker and shared screen, you can use the slider to adjust the size of the shared screen.
  • During the session you’re welcome to comment and ask questions using Chat.
  • You’ll find the Raise your hand functionality by clicking on the Participants icon.

Session Logistics

Here are some logistics regarding our Zoom sessions:

  • Before the session begins moderators will meet with presenter(s) in the session Zoom channel. All other participants will be held in the waiting room until the presenter(s) are ready to start. 
  • During the session, please share your video when possible. It gives the speaker someone to talk to.
  • To allow participants to hang out, connect, and chat, when requested, moderators will keep the zoom channel open following a session. 
  • At the end of the session, if you want to clap, feel free to unmute yourself and let your presenter know your appreciation.
  • We expect professional conduct. Anyone behaving inappropriately will be removed from the session. Please see our Code of Conduct.

Community Room

    A conference or camp is not about just the technical sessions it's also about the community. We are exploring the use of a virtual hallway where you can come hang out between sessions or in lieu of a session.

    Stop by and say "Hello" in the Community Room!

    Thank you for your patience as we learn together to navigate a virtual only presence!