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Stanford Stanford WebCamp 2021 All Things Web - By community, for community
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For Presenters

Thank you for speaking at Stanford WebCamp!

Before it starts

This page is for you as you prepare for your presentation remotely. As we've moved to a solely virtual presence, we're using Zoom for this camp. We've included some information below on how to set up Zoom. We want to help you make the most of this event for you and the attendees.

We hope that you will find below a couple of good things to know.

During the conference

Here’s how we’re adapting our conference to be solely virtual using Zoom:

Please join your session early.

To give you a chance to connect with your moderator and get set up, before the session starts, we will admit you but hold the remaining participants in a waiting room. Once you are ready, we will admit the remaining participants.

Your moderator is here to help!

We have assigned a moderator to help you with your session logistics.

Let your moderator know how you would like to handle questions. When would you like to handle questions? During your presentation or at the end? If during the presentation, would you like us to monitor and inform you about questions and comments for you? Or is this something you would like to handle?

If you want a special introduction, or any other help with logistics, please let your moderator know.

Be aware that if you begin having connection issues your moderator may adjust what you are displaying. This may include turning off your video.

Forego the "Questions?" page

When you are presenting, it's nice to see you as you are talking. If there are times when you have a placeholder slide, such as a "Questions?" slide, consider displaying it briefly and turning off the screen share, allowing your audience to connect better with you.


We will offer all sessions to remote participants via Zoom. You will receive your unique Zoom meeting number well ahead of time.

Please download the Zoom meeting client prior the event to familiarize yourself with the application.

You can learn more on the Help Center where you can find One Minute Video Introductions on different topics. We will still be on hand to support you during your presentation.

With your approval, we will also post the recording on our site.

Please see below a step by step to start a Zoom meeting:

Point your browser to the URL for the Zoom meeting we will provide you with:

If you have not the Zoom client software already installed, you might see see this prompt:

The page launches the Zoom client software on your desktop:

The Zoom client will show these options. Note that:
  • The recording will start immediately and be indicated by an icon in top left corner.
  • The name of your session and you name will be shown. Verify it's yours. Let us know if it's not.
  • All participant are muted with video turned off. Make sure to unmute yourself when you are ready to present.
  • You can share your screen.

When you share your content, we recommend sharing one window at a time instead of sharing the entire desktop.
You can switch windows during you presentation.

During your presentation, you can pause/stop sharing your screen at anytime by hovering your mouse on the Zoom ID number.



As part of our commitment to provide a platform that is accessible to all of the diverse communities we serve, we would like to encourage you to turn on the accessibility feature for automatic closed captioning called Live Transcription in Zoom during your presentation.

Live Transcript


Pro Tip

From one presenter to another... Control Google Slides on any device, remotely.
If you present as a team, you'll be glad to have multi person control over the same deck. Remote for Slides allows you to control Google Slides on any device, remotely, without the need of any extra hardware.