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Stanford Stanford WebCamp All Things Web - Spring 2021

Building School of Medicine Websites with Adobe Experience Manager

Content Strategy
Site Building

The School of Medicine and Stanford HealthCare (hospital) has been utilizing the Adobe Experience Manager, a java based CMS, since 2015.  The Adobe AEM system is a bit different from other CMS platforms in that it employs separate authoring and publishing platforms in order to separate the management of different parts of the operation.  It is also a highly visual WYSIWYG authoring system with a templating system that allows for broad and flexible control administration of the design platform as well as extensibility and sharing across different template families.  The component design architecture helps site builders and designers plan and scale between simple and highly complex projects.  APIs and other integrations also allow for AEM to leverage content from other systems and we will also introduce you to the Digital Asset Management (DAM) system for curating and managing assets.  

This talk is designed to be a general overview of the Adobe AEM authoring system for basic to experienced site builders as well as customers looking to build sites with Stanford Medicine and does not require extensive experience with web sites.