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Stanford Stanford WebCamp All Things Web - Spring 2021

Case Study: Drupal gets smarter with AI driven Bot

PM / Business

This case study involves working with a chemical company. The initial scope of the application was to collect, analyze data and add visualization using JS charts

We proactively suggested building a chatbot integrated with an application.

Chatbots workes on the “AMA approach [Ask me Anything]” and on simply asking a query, the bot would analyze necessary data to answer.

The application now built can deliver very useful insights on key metrics like savings potential. Chatbots assisted leaders, managers, and employees to get data trends and insights within seconds rather than analyzing graphs.

In terms of technical architecture, data is imported to the drupal system which is processed to visualize into JS charts. Additionally, integrated AWS Lex to analyze the user intent captured from the chatbot interface and then query to get the results. Drupal’s strong authentication and workflow system helped to fetch the right data as per user role.

Building a bot helped the client in the upselling business worth $90M and increased the user retention of the beta user group from 8% to 42%, boosting the product upselling.