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Stanford Stanford WebCamp All Things Web - Spring 2021

How to make your site last 5 years (possibly more)

Content Strategy
PM / Business
UX / Design

Websites are typically the largest marketing tool an organization has, and yet few organizations have the budget to fully redo a site every few years. It’s critical to create a site that can sustain you for the long-term, and it can be done! We'll share tips on how to improve the longevity of your site, such as:

  1. Stay strategic: keep your eye on setting realistic, smart goals.
  2. Stay nimble: launch one thing at a time: test, launch, and iterate!
  3. Create a strong foundation: create a program around website health, including having the right team of humans in addition to the right goals and tasks.

In this session, we’ll go in-depth on those items, plus discuss other ways to ensure the longevity of your site so your budget can be put to the best use to maintain a long-lasting site. This session is good for anyone who is in charge of building or maintaining your organization’s website. So basically everyone who internally comes in contact with your site!