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Stanford Stanford WebCamp All Things Web - Spring 2021

Modernizing the Editorial Experience of a Flagship Campus Site

Content Strategy
Dev / DevOps
Site Building

The main website was built more than 6 years ago now, with only one redesign between its launch and today. Our goal was to look at user-experience issues with our existing content management system (CMS) and create a new website that would be easier to maintain and manage by the public relations staff.  At the same time we upgraded to the most-recent version of Drupal, which improved our ability to maintain support for the long-term while also bringing with it a lot of challenges along the way.

In this talk you will learn some of the pitfalls and challenges we encountered while migrating a large Drupal 7 website (with 20,000+ articles) to Drupal 8. We show you how to deal with the challenges and how we came up with creative ways of solving these problems.

Previous Knowledge:

Some experience with website construction, Drupal development or an interest in using Drupal would be beneficial to attendees.