Drupal 7 was released in 2011. It is a landmark version of the powerful CMS that has helped build the digital presence of hundreds of thousands of organizations. While this legacy version still serves the needs of many, the next generation of the Drupal CMS (8->9->10) fundamentally changed the technology.  The Drupal project has extended support until at least 2023 and may extend it further. But the Drupal project cannot continue to maintain both legacy and modern Drupal indefinitely. 

In order to ensure that our existing community of Drupal 7 site owners is not left behind, this initiative aims to create resources and tools to prepare for what comes next.

The primary goal of this initiative is to support owners of current D7 sites with guidance on what to do before Drupal 7's End-of-Life date.  This includes giving them documentation, resources, and tools to understand how to migrate to modern versions of Drupal, improving those tools and resources where we can, and maintaining an open dialog with this community of users.   


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