Dev / DevOps

Presented by Kunal Kursija

Composer - The dependency management tool for PHP applications is a complete feature rich package that addresses a lot of development and deployment problems. Unfortunately, most of the developers only get to know about the basic usage of it(Example: Running commands like ‘composer require drupal/MODULE’, ‘composer install’, and ‘composer update’).

One such lesser known-and-used feature out of many is integrating ‘scripts’ in the composer workflow of your web application. In this session we will cover the following sub-sections of composer scripting:

  • Composer events -
  • Composer scripts -
  • Registering and executing scripts on composer events -
  • Composer commands -
  • Registering & Executing custom composer commands -
  • PHPCS - PHPCBF - PHPUnit -
  • Referencing scripts

The above topics and their working examples will significantly help you understand how development and deployment teams can work together in simplifying the build process And thereby demystifying the know-how of one of the many powerful features of the composer called composer scripting.

Github repo for the demo