A couple of years ago, the H&S Web team split its time between running new projects and responding to support requests on live sites. Today, the support work has shifted.  From a reactive place, we've moved to a more proactive model. 

One of the cornerstone practices has been our maintenance reports, which we are now calling our continuous care reports.  Three times a year, we reach out to our units and share a report containing what feels most relevant to their ability to keep up the health of their sites. 

Those reports have traditionally included broken links and a list of users with editing access.  We've also included useful resources as well as reports of links to Box ahead of the Box migration.  This year, we've included accessibility content: audio and video elements needing captions and transcripts, also images needing alt text. In the latest iteration, we also included a list of PDFs more than 3 years old, and a reminder of what importers are on their sites and how they function. 

Putting together those reports is an investment; yet it's paying dividends. It's helping change the culture of managing sites' content for all of our units, and it's helping us get ahead of some issues. 

I'm happy to answer what questions others may have about the evolution of our support practice, and the evolution of our maintenance/continuous care reports. I'm also curious what are others doing to manage large portfolios of sites, editors, and content? 

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