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I was a self-taught Google Analytics user. I thought I was getting by OK.

But, since working with professional analysts, I’ve seen how my data wasn’t as complete or accurate as I thought I was. And with bad data, it’s easy to tell the wrong story.

I’m here to level you up, and share best practices for setting up your Google Analytics accounts.


In this talk, we will:

  • provide recommendations on best practices for setting up your views, filters, and goals

  • explain the connection between users, sessions and pageviews

  • look at the power of Search Console for unlocking SEO insights

  • outline strategies for UTM link generation and recording

  • demystify (and devalue) bounce rates

  • show how to improve the accuracy of your referral traffic

  • point to how GTM can be used to unleash features like video tracking, heatmapping, and more

  • Demonstrate how you can debug GA tracking in real-time

  • and more!


Attendees will walk away with a handy and concise 3-page guide to take them from basecamp to summit.