Welcome to Stanford WebCamp! Each year we gather as a community to share ideas and knowledge about building websites and research tools.

Join us Thursday for Online for sessions on various topics and join us in-person at Stanford on Friday for a contribution sprint, Birds of Feather, followed by a gathering to celebrate the WebCamp community afterward.  

If you are remote and can't join us in person all sessions will Online on Friday.

If you have a job opening in your department or company send us the link and we will post to the job board!

Thank you to those who made this camp possible 

  • Stanford Webcamp Organizing Committee
  • John DeSilva, Stanford Engineering
  • John Bickar, Stanford Web Services
  • Lisa Sickorez, Stanford Engineering
  • Kurt Howerton, Stanford Engineering
  • Wes Chew, Stanford Center for Professional Development

Q & A ?  Ask now! 

Please note:

This session will remain open Thursday until 2:45pm

On Friday May 3rd this session will be open for Welcome, discussion, questions from 9:45am to 10am only.