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Stanford Stanford WebCamp All Things Web - Spring 2021

Opening Remarks

Content Strategy
Dev / DevOps
PM / Business
Research / Academia
Site Building
UX / Design

For Attendees

  • Open the Participants and Chat windows by selecting them along the bottom of your Zoom window.
  • Keep yourself muted unless asking a question.  You will be muted by default upon entering any session.
  • If you can, please turn your video on when you are ready to join the session.  This can help make the virtual experience feel more natural for all involved.
  • All sessions will be recorded and posted to the session pages at a later date.
  • The process for asking questions will be determined per session by the presenter and moderator.

For Presenters

  • Sessions are recorded automatically, there's no need for you to select the Record option.
  • Each session has a moderator assigned who will monitor the chat and give you a time check.
  • Please let the moderator know how you prefer to get questions.  During the presentation or at the end?
  • Take look at the video below created during MidCamp this year about setting up your computer best for presenting.
How I set up Zoom when presenting a remote training or session