General, PM / Business

It is critical to have a solid process for considering accessibility at every stage of the strategy, design, and development of a web project. Like many schools, Stanford University has a decentralized environment with many communications and web teams working together (or in teams of one!) to create and support beautiful, usable, secure, and effective websites and applications.

Join us to hear how a few teams at Stanford work accessibility into their product strategy and design and development practices from start to finish, and hear about their best practices, tools, vendors, and lessons learned.

Panel members:

  • Aaron Cole, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability
  • Marion Groh Marquardt, School of Humanities and Sciences
  • Linda McCulloch, SLAC
  • Justin Rent, University Communications
  • Jamie Tsui, Endpoint Engineering and Development / University IT
  • Sara Worrell-Berg, Stanford Web Services / University IT

Moderator: Sean Keegan, Stanford Office of Digital Accessibility / University IT