Cypress evolved end-to-end testing to make it faster and more convenient than it's ever been. It is truly a huge step forward. However, since the summer of 2023, Playwright downloads have skyrocketed and for good reason. At the current trajectory, downloads will surpass those of Cypress by the end of 2024. Why so much interest?

In this session, delivered by someone who works closely with both frameworks, we will examine:

• What is the history of Cypress and Playwright?

• What are the primary differences between Cypress and Playwright?

• Which should you choose for your next end-to-end testing project?

• What other resources exist that can help you decide?

Ready to get started right now? See André's presentation from Web Camp 2023, Setting up a Comprehensive Automated Testing Regime for Drupal using Cypress and Playwright.

About the Presenter

André Angelantoni is the Founder of, a consulting and testing company that specializes in Drupal, Cypress and Playwright. He is the primary author of the Automated Testing Kit, a Drupal module that contains useful functions and tests written in Cypress and Playwright to kickstart your new testing project. He also is the author of the 4-part "A Series on Drupal Page Builders" published by The Drop Times.

He presents often including at Drupal Camps, DrupalCon and local Drupal groups. His clients include UCSF, Tesla, France Telecom, Renesas, Robert Half, Docusign and many more sites both large and small.


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