Funded as part of the Pitch-burg Innovation Contest, The Drupal API Client project aims to assemble a group of contributors in order to combine the best of existing Drupal API clients into a set of utilities that can both address common use cases with little configuration, and also be extended to support the needs of a diverse JavaScript ecosystem.

We've made substantial progress since initially proposing this project at DrupalCon Pittsburgh, and we're excited to update the community on what we've accomplished. We'll discuss:

  • A recap of why we believe that this is an important problem to solve for the Drupal community.
  • The scope of our commitment as a result of Pitch-burgh funding.
  • Our releases thus far:
    • The JSON:API Client 'Vertical Slice' POC
    • The JSON:API Client 1.0 release
  • Real world examples of using the JSON:API Client with the JavaScript framework of your choice.
  • How this client could be extended to support other API types, including Backdrop's Headless Module.
  • An update on our goal of publishing this package under the Drupal namespace on NPM.
  • Details on how you can contribute and provide feedback.
Dev / DevOps