Failure happens. We’ve all experienced failure, and it's not fun. But, it does give us the opportunity to learn and, ideally, to plan better for the next time disaster strikes.

The web technology stack is ripe for failure because there are often so many pieces at play. Web servers, database servers, content management systems, third-party plugins, caching layers, networks, DNS… not to mention all the people who can bring a website down with the touch of a finger.

Those of us in charge of keeping websites running need to mitigate against potential disasters as best we can so we don’t get a panicked call in the middle of the night.

So let’s talk about…

  • Scenarios that bring websites down
  • Disaster planning so you are as prepared as possible
  • Best practices to lower risks and increase resilience
  • Monitoring and testing your website for vulnerabilities
  • Failover and disaster recovery options and strategies

With the right preparation, tools, and oversight, you can sleep better at night!

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